My Best Buddy, My Great Love

How do you define friendship and how do you win friends? Are you a true friend? Are your friends influential enough?

These questions above are few from the things I want to ask about friendship. You can’t define it unless you do not value if what friends are for, right? Well, let me ask you this, do you know who are your true friends and not? Nobody knows exactly right? Life is a matter of choice, and so friends too. Friends come and go. Friends are the one whom you can lean on in times of hardships in life. Friends are special. Friends are the one whom you can’t live without.

Let me start with a quotation of mine that defined what friendship for me is. FRIENDSHIP! What a big word for me. “Friendship is a commitment itself.” That is how I defined friendship, why? Simply because when I engaged myself to my friends there is a commitment even though they won’t do the same. Why am I talking to commitment anyway? What are these? Nothing really serious, you just have to commit yourself to your friends to be their second home in times of needs, to be their crying shoulder when sorrow comes. You’ll gonna lend ears when they tell interesting stories even you found it boring. Why am I saying all of those? Because that’s what exactly me to my friends, always making sure that they’ll be comfortable whenever we are together, treasuring every moment we shared that can be nicely worth recalling when old ages come.

Well, the really purpose of this article is to express my feelings of having such a friend that I really love. Not an ordinary friend of mine because I consider her as a special one — my better half.  People will probably think I’m insane. Well, it’s okay. It is my own life anyway and life is a matter of choice.

I met her I think 6 years ago. She’s in her 4th year high school and I was a grade 6th pupil only, but that gap was not really an issue for the both of us. The funny thing was she’s my classmate’s sister. Her sister should be my friend, but things went wrong because I feel more comfortable being with her, and I felt so guilty because her sister was trying to approach me but I prefer to be with her, maybe because we can relate each other on many things in life. Laughing on simple jokes, talking on things we are both interested, and singing songs we love, even in untuned voice.

Like an ordinary friends, we do fight sometimes, oh I must say always, on the things that may offend either me or she. But I always make sure to patch up things as soon as possible before things got complicated. Whenever we got both busy, we make sure to give time on each other. Yes, my better half I could say.

There were times that our friendship was tested of so many problems. We were apart, as expected because she’ll be spending her college degree on a far place and I’ll be left, we rarely see each other that sometimes may lead to misunderstanding, whenever I was not informed that she’s home. One time,  when I’m on my way  home, I saw her already riding a motorcycle going back, and I saw her sad face and inside of it was anger because I didn’t not made my promise to see her that time, because also of my busy schedule in school. Well, I explained to her my reason but her ears that time were closed. And she did not texted me for how many weeks.  But when I got the chance to see and meet her, nothing changed. So, I end up going home with tears on my face. That was it, no communication for almost 2 months I think. You would probably say that we were weird, because normal friends don’t act that way, right? But we did, like a couple one.

Well, I can’t blame anyone why I’m falling for her all the time. I can’t blame her and I can’t blame myself also. It just happened without me noticing that I was already loving her unconditionally. But things are complicated. People would think of me negatively because I’m falling in love with person who has the same sex as mine, and that is my best friend, too. I just kept this feeling for years because I don’t want to ruin our friendship and also our reputation. Even though it kills me softly to hide my motives towards her, I just set aside it for the sake of friendship. Because I just hid it we remained friends for years, but she’s not insensitive not to notice my treatments towards her, because she even giving back the things that I wanted from her, without saying things to me directly and I felt it.

Just last year when we encountered problems in both parties of our families to the point that they want us to apart from each other because of some things happened and some personal reasons, too. We disobeyed them. For we already know what friendship really is. Sticking to each other whatever happens. Actually, I was shocked one time that she called me crying, saying, “Please promise me not to leave me come what may.” It broke my heart into pieces hearing such words like that because that moment I was already thinking of ending our friendship, but no doubts I did not do it because of her. How can I leave the person I love and choose the things that I may regret when times come?

Just this summer, after her graduation, she went her in Manila for good, because I moved here for my college degree. One year of not seeing each other, she patched up the times that we’ve missed. Then I got the chance to tell her my feelings for her, and guessed what? She already knew it for she feel it for so many years. And I’m happy even without assurance of her that she will do the same, and I’m not expecting and assuming anything from her. If there will be it is for me to work it out, but for the meantime, I will still remain her best friend whom she can lean on, her crying shoulder in times of loneliness, her best buddy on corny jokes, and her partner in crimes when it comes to food, because that’s what friends are for.


How and Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Valentines! Isn’t it exciting? Couples will be dating. But what does valentines means? Is it all about love? Giving and showing love? Is it impossible to make every day a valentine so that people will always love each other not only on love month? I hope so. Is Valentine’s Day for the lovers only? Not bad at all.

Valentine’s Day is hearts day. How will the people celebrate it? Let us find out!

According to my research, here are the five steps on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. (View it here; )

Step 1: Spend quality time with a loved one. Go out to a nice restaurant or create a special dinner. Cuddle with your significant other on a couch and watch a movie. Try to avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone while around people, or deciding to do other things by you or with another group of people.

Step 2: Make a homemade card for someone. The card will have more meaning to it if it’s created by you instead of buying a card from a store. Use your own words to describe the person you’re giving it to. Create a poem or a note of appreciation. Add a little “copyrighted” symbol on the back of the card for fun.

Step 3: Think of candy, chocolate, and sweets. If you are getting something for a school classmate, get a small box of those sugary hearts with the little sayings on them. If you wish, you can make a chocolate recipe along with someone else on Valentine’s Day.

Step 4: Express your words with a rose. While lavender (or purple) is seen more on first dates and secret “love at first sight” times, white roses are a tradition for weddings. Pink, orange, and yellow roses are viewed as admiration, excitement, and friendship respectively. The yellow and pink are very similar and can be used for the same events. Finally, the red rose, as the color expresses and emphasizes beauty and love. Red roses are traditionally exchanged by couples and people whom wish to express their feelings towards another.

Step 5: Enjoy Valentine’s Day alone. Who says that people need a companion for this one day of the year? Treat yourself to a spa or a long bubble bath. Take a long drive and enjoy the scenery. If it’s too snowy or iced down, stay in and watch sports games or that romantic movie on cable. Some people get lucky on this day.

So, which steps above are going to do? Good luck! But wait are you aware if what is Valentines all about? Here:

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year. What people do during this day? Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married. Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on Valentine’s Day.

Where and when did it begin? The origins of Valentine’s Day are not clear but many sources believe that it stems from the story of St Valentine, a Roman priest who was martyred on or around February 14 in the year 270 CE. How he became the patron saint of lovers remains a mystery but one theory is that the church used the day of St Valentine’s martyrdom to Christianize the old Roman Lupercalia, a pagan festival held around the middle of February.

Valentine’s Day symbolizes love respect and peace. Hearts, the colors red and pink, roses, images and statues of cupids, and cupids’ bows and arrows symbolize the feeling of romance and love on Valentine’s Day. Cupid is usually portrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people. People who fall in love are sometimes said to be “struck by Cupid’s arrow”. The day focuses on love, romance, appreciation and friendship.

I hope that not only during the hearts day love be spread. Happy Heart’s Day!


Technology: A Friend or Foe?

Technology, what does it really do in our lives? Is it for entertainment? How does it helps human and can it harm us?

People nowadays, are very updated if what are the trending gadgets. They don’t want to be left behind if what are in especially the children in our society. But do they know the advantages and the dis-advantages of it?  Well, that is the question.

Grew up in city province that is little bit left behind of technologies is very shameful on my part when I’ve reached the city of Manila. There was a big adjustment for me. But still, I’ve tried to cope up and observed how people are living. Of course, at first, I feel ignorance what to do. How am I going to use this one, that one?  I admitted to myself before that I didn’t know how to use computer and everything on it. Without the help of anybody, I explored myself and expose to those things, because nothing will lost if I do, right?

Now, I can proudly say that I’m in to the world of technology. I’ve explored too much but still willing to discover something new. Just this semester I’ve discovered a lot of things. I’ve learned to upload videos to the YouTube and I’ve discover the world of blog wherein I can express my own opinions and thoughts on things that are happening. Even though I missed the things I’ve used to do, the times when I’ve did not yet discovered the world of socialization, missed laughing with my friends in a simple things and giving true value on it.

But everything we are doing has a limit like exploring the world of innovations. We must know our limits for us to prevent painfulness. Cause too much is not good. Use these changes in a useful one and making sure that you are not hurting anybody because they were not invented for non-sense only. They were produced to help other people lessen their work.

I still believed that technology somehow is a foe because as what I’ve observed around especially the kids, they become addicted to games instead of studying their lessons and have fun playing outdoor games. Not only the kids but also the adult ones through social media, they became scammers.

On the other hand, the invented things were very useful to humans in everyday living. Will you imagine how heavy a task without using those modern technologies, hard right? On my part as student, I must say that it is very useful in terms in doing my projects and reports. If you are student, you must know how to use those newly invented things. Comparing the life before, the time when those machines were not invented, life is so hard. Doing those things manually that takes time to finish it. This time, just a click then then done.

Yet, we still have to treasure those things. Give importance to it because it may disappear. Give importance in a sense of making sure that the gift of God will be treasured, still, that our mother earth will not be affected by those machines. Using them properly and carefully are the best things I think I can do.

By the way, are into social media? Are you an active user of Facebook? If yes, just make sure that your account is safe and secured, that you are free from spam that will ruin your name, just a tip of advice, anyway. Who cares, right?

Let’s just say you’re really into gadgets, you must know how to control yourself because it may cause sickness in your body. What are the possible effects of too much exposure on gadgets? Do you still have enough time for yourself and your family especially to God? Are you using it in a good way of living? These questions must be considered.

Oh, well, we can’t say. But all we have to do is to give respect to the inventors of those modern things, make sure not to torture it. Taking good care of their works is just like treasuring them and giving respect because without them our life will be not easy as like this. Kudos!

Love: Found in Human, Pets and of course in GOD!,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNHO1R7B70GlRHdeO5pEtp9V8XxBsA&ust=1422785302913787,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNHO1R7B70GlRHdeO5pEtp9V8XxBsA&ust=1422785302913787

Have you ever experienced the way you feel for something or maybe someone turns out to be something you don’t expect for?

Since I was a child I am not fond of dog or any kind of pet, it wasn’t in line to any of my interest. At first I felt so embarrassed, wherever I am,  Bunless who is our dog goes with me especially at night, so annoying, he wants to be there at my side, wanted to play. In the afternoon, we walk together which I really hate the most but whether I like it or not I couldn’t do anything that’s an order from ate. So everything goes as it is.

One day, I was so tired doing different kind of school activities as I open the gate  guess what happened? It was Bunless, the first I saw , he came to me yelling and yelling, then running and running that shows his gladness of my presence and shows that he misses me a lot. I came over him then hug him with smile, there, I realized that I must not be mad at him. He appreciates my presence and treat me as someone, although he’s a dog sometimes he’s much better than anyone else. Sometimes, as I arrived from school people thought something which I really don’t like they say I’m not from school, I came from somewhere else worst from date, I don’t really know what there purpose is, a joke or what? but still it falls out that they don’t care.

We became friends with each other, we played mostly in the afternoon which became our routine to walk together, its’s a bonus for us when there someone we could be as we walk because Bunless walks better when we have companion at times due to being slow of our companion it is normal that we became ahead than our companion and as a dog he walks fast than human. Bunless would stop and won’t walk even how hard I tried to make him walk unless our companion reach our position.

For me it’s a blessing to have a friend cause as human as we are, we don’t live just by ourselves we always need someone in our life. It felt good when we knew we’re not alone. When were lonely or depressed there’s someone, something that probably solves or it may not be, at least lessens the feeling of sadness in our heart.

Giving importance to all God’s creations is what matters most. It may flowers, trees, or any kind of animals. Don’t treat them too hard, later you would realize they played an important role in our life, that may not be on your life but on others. We must not be self-centered to think that we are just living for ourselves always put yourself on others shoe, there you would know how it feels.

Friends are treasure in our life, you may not be rich in any particular material things at least by love and by friends you are rich. What’s the sense of money if you’re lonely. Treat your friends the way you treat yourself the way it is written in the bible, God says “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Friends, since our childhood must not be forgotten because there part as who we are and mostly not to plant any hatred in your heart. When God gave you a trial that seems you can’t pass it on, hold on just remember that you’re not alone. I’m here beside you who will help you and make you smile cause I’m your friend. When troubles annoys you don’t be hesitant not only people around you are your friends don’t you forget that there someone who never leaves you, who will always be there for you and will always listen to you it is God the giver of life and our best friend forever and ever.

Me, as a child of God is very thankful of what I have. God is enough for me, with also the love my family and friends who inspire me a lot.

Read + Understand + Application= KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM

20150131_135031BOOKS! What are books anyway? Books are something to read, right? But why books are important to one’s life? Can we use them in our everyday living? What are the benefits that we can get of reading such books? Reading is just a waste of time, why bother read if I can watch it through movie?

Those are some of the questions I’ve heard in a street wherein there are group of students talking, in a grocery when there are mothers buying goods and in a jeep riding to school with my schoolmates on same vehicle, who are complaining because a professor wants them to read a book for their project or group discussion.

Actually, I’m already done asking those questions above. Like them, I was complaining too to my former teachers when I was in my elementary and high school days. Why? It’s just I don’t want to read selections composing of how many paragraphs. One of the things that I’ve hated after reading was the comprehension question that you are going to answer. It is that I don’t understand the selection or the story; maybe I was just pissed because I’m not fond of those kinds of materials. I’m into pocketbooks, yes! But I was just after the enjoyment of what I’m reading without knowing the essence of it.

Then I realized the importance of reading when I entered college. It is just kind a “WOW”, what’s this? On my part, I feel regret because during those days that I had the chance to developed and enhanced my reading skills, I did not gave prior on it. Now I know why teachers doing that. But it is not too late for me. I still have the second chance to improve my reading comprehension. As an educator student majoring English subject is a must to engage in reading.

In reading, not only the reading skill will be developed, consider also that your vocabulary skill and your grammar will surely upgrade. When you are reading a book, you should not only after the enjoyment you’ve got but you also have to cite the morals you’ve learned. How it is formed, the way the author delivered it and asks yourself too if you really relate yourself on the scenario happened, noticed also the language used and take note the newly encountered words, if you encounter such words that are unfamiliar, you have to apply them.

As for now, I’m starting reading books again, from basic first, Tagalog versions that will surely catch my interest. When you’re just starting reading, you have to peruse first the ones that might be in in your taste. For example, pocketbooks or simply the story books of the children until such a time that you are ready to rock the thick books or novels; it may be fiction or non-fiction. One factor that I also consider is the different source of reading materials like the newspapers and magazines.

One novel I’ve already read that truly caught my emotions was the piece of one of the popular scriptwriter of the classic films, Ricky Lee. The novel in titled “PARA KAY B” was about a writer who wrote four love stories for his love. As my reading go on, I can’t stop saluting the writer’s (Ricky Lee) point of views in life. He opened my eyes on certain things especially in love that I didn’t know that it really happens. At this very busy moment, I’m not yet done reading the published book of Eros S. Atalia, “Taguang-Pong at Manwal ng Pagpapatiwakal”, and the book is all about Filipinos idiot thoughts in suicidal thingy,  that really exist.

So, even though how busy a person, this not is an excuse to ignore reading books. Nobody’s busy if you will do so. Because in reading it will help you really in many factors as a student, simple person, and even professors. When you are into reading your learning never stops. I therefore conclude that reading is somewhat entertaining yourself, of course, gaining new knowledge and my imagination is enhanced.

So, if you’re not fond of books, you may start now because reading is really a fun thing that you should be engaged to!

Never Stop Studying, It Will Give You Success!

10494816_10153057372122140_3803893498889633158_nWhy do we pursuing college after graduating high school? Is it to learn? Is it to acquire new skills? Or just simply for the sake of our own future? Or maybe because of our parents’ decision? But have you ever asked yourself if what are you really doing and why?

Knowing how the animals and plants grow, the parts of their bodies, how they differ to us. Recognizing the past events or studying the lives of those historical dead people who contributed for the sake of our country, solving logarithmic functions, the angles, square root of a number and so on and so forth.

Can we use all of those? Can we use them in our everyday life? Why don’t we study the things which are related to our course or even in our interest that will surely catch our attention? So that our skills will be enhance the way it should be.

Isn’t we study college for us to able find a stable job? Then why do many people in our country and almost all over the world studied college and graduated college degree, master’s degree and graduates of different courses are unemployed? Is it right to say that education is the key to success? Then why is it happening?

For me, as a first year college student, this thing is something to deal with the right choice of career we are going to take. Like me, at first teaching is not really in my mind. But with the God’s will and also with the decision of my family, well, I would say I don’t have the choice. Contradicting to their decision, in the past I’ve used to made debate with them. Threaten them not to study but in the end I’ve decided what they want for me because I know that they just really want the best for me and also one factor that I considered was the people around me wanted me to be a teacher as well as my friends whom I’ve expected to support my choice of career.

At first, in a class of educators, I was really asking myself, “What am I doing here? Do I belong in this class?” I supposed to be in the class of criminologist or a journalist or maybe in a class of a lawyer. I hate writing long notes written on the board. What made decide not to become a teacher? It is because of the reporting you have to do, speaking in front facing your classmates and professor. That is why.

But as time passed, of course in a class of educators still, I never noticed myself enjoying the flow, participating in time of discussion, doing reports in front and doing those requirements what professors asking from us. It then made me realized that I may not want to be a teacher but my skill is appropriate, then why I should regret on my family’s decision?

It may be not my passion, as long as I am enjoying what I am doing is quite okay, as long as I am benefited from it. As long as I gained knowledge and wisdom that can be used in the near future, something that you can share someday.

So, as a student, we must give importance to our studies. It doesn’t matter if it is not your choice because it depends also upon you on how you are going to handle it.

I still believe in the saying that “Education is the key to success.” This saying inspires me a lot especially during my high school days because most of my former teachers came from a life that is full of hardships. But despite of all the struggles in life, they are now having stable life and a career. Their stories made me realized how thankful I am because I have the chance to continue my studies in college.

So, people out there, give values to your studies and never stop studying like me, no matter how old you are. Always remember that age doesn’t matter in all aspects in life, maturity does.  Because it is more important to have knowledge in your mind as you grow up that surely you can share to the next generations than growing old nothing in mind!

Beauty is Like a Flower: It Fades but the Attitude Should Remain


The story behind this is somewhat like my mother taught me since I was a kid. It is about how to be humble all the time, give respect and never put someone below the belt.

Grew up in a little farm, I was taught by my parents how to be responsible and accept the tasks given to me every day.  Taught me how to sacrifice if needed and learned to stand up on my own feet during downfalls. Of course, being a farm girl, I was taught how to plant and cultivate soil. Planting or harvesting goods, way back was just a family bonding for us. Laughing and eating together at the middle of the farm together with the other farmers and their children. Sharing of food would be the best to notice during lunch time. This good practice I’ve seen during my childhood was a treasure for me, why, because in that farm also my mind was cultivated with so much wisdom.

Literal planting and cultivating in real life situation is just like molding my mind to be aware on what’s happening on our society. Yes, I was taught how to plant by my parents, like nuts, corn and even rice. But the real harvest I’ve received and learned from them was the planting of good attitudes on me. Attitudes that will surely can help me in developing and discovering who I am and what will be my role in this world created by Lord God.

Once, I was planting a beautiful flowering plant on our backyard, without knowing, my mother comes near me saying, “What if the flowers will fade? What will you do?” Me without a single word replied. She continued, “Love, just always remember that how beautiful a flower is if its parts inside are not good, it’s just a nonsense one. It should be balanced, or must… Let’s just say that its physical appearance is not that catchy, but safe to take care that would be better.”

As time passes, I really didn’t have what does my mom mean to say. It took a several years for me to really understand. Then it was in my last year in elementary when I’ve realized what does my mother means. Based on what she said was like beauty is not really important to one’s life. Beauty is just a bonus.

True beauty can be seen inside a person’s life, the attitude and virtue. How you handle things carefully and how you manage the people around you without hurting them. Beauty is when you have strong faith with God, know His importance. Like a flower, beauty fades as you grow old. Beauty is temporary.

Life is like a flower, it is meaningful and colorful. If the flowers are being watered to survived, humans create their own journey in life. It depends to them on how they will make their lives meaningful and it is them who will give colors to their lives. Flowers as time passes, it vanishes likewise the life of a people. But somehow, people are very strong no matter how hard the downfalls came. Does not like the flowers when it grows old and disappears, they don’t have a choice to be live again unless new seeds are planted. People may experience conflicts in life still they can stand up on their own feet.

Like what my parents taught to me, I must say that beauty lies within the beholder. It is how strong you can face the struggles in life without hesitations and doubts. Let your beauty helps you in exploring the wonderful life God given to us.

Me, as typical a person, I’m into the physical appearance of a person. I’m after the attitude, maybe because of the influenced by my parents. “Do not put someone below your belt,” the line that I  always heard from the mouth of my mom, God gave us fair lives to be enjoyed while we are alive. Always give respect to others; it may be older than you, younger than you or as old as you.

Just always remember that beauty is limited, it fades, just like the flowers in the garden. Attitude is what really matters most in all aspects in life.